Earlier this November, Cyclone Chapala made an extremely rare landfall along the Gulf of Aden coast of Yemen, causing massive rainfall to flood a nearby desert location. The center of Chapala made landfall about 44 miles and at that time, the estimated wind speeds were about 75-80 mph.

All of this and more made Cyclone Chapala the equivalent of a Level 1 storm, the first in over 55 years! Through all the damage, there was still more to mourn. At least 3 people were dead and over 200 were injured.

“The damage is enormous and we fear human losses,” Socotra Island Minister of Fisheries Fahd Kafain told Emirates 24/7.

While a Level 1 storm is the lowest on the scale, the massive amounts of wind speed and the rainfall is still enough to cause massive damage to a place where many call home and the people that live there.



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