After four strong high school volleyball seasons and the preparation for four more seasons ahead at UNI, Kate Busswitz (‘16) has been a huge leader on the court for her and her teammates.

With encouragement from all sides of her life, she pushed herself into a position of great feat from help and support of friends and family. Her family consists of her Mom, Kris, her Step Dad, Keith, and her two sisters, Meghan and Ally. Meghan already is attending UNI and Ally plans on going there as well. Both her sisters playing volleyball alongside her was her favorite memory.

My family means everything to me. They are the people that have supported every decision up to this point and have inspired me to do many of the activities I take part in today,” said Busswitz.

Her two best friends, Kristen Wahlert (‘16) and Rylee Blood (‘16) both have stepped up to assist her with anything that comes their way. They treat each other like family and will continue to do so. Busswitz stated, “They do many of the same activities with me which makes it that much more enjoyable to do.”

In the off season, Busswitz spends about an hour or so every weekday playing and practicing volleyball and adds another eight hours per week in season. She was very proud of her team and how hard they had worked this year as well.

We were each other’s best friends and had the best time playing with each other and it definitely benefitted our play. We meshed well and knew how to communicate with one another on and off the court,” said Busswitz.

She believes that volleyball at college will consume most of her time but I feel as though she may not have a big problem with that. Her love for the sport will definitely drive her to practice hard and play harder.

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