The Iowa Hawkeyes continued their fantastic season by putting away the Minnesota Gophers 40-35.

This calls for some celebration:


Yes the Hawkeyes are 10-0 (6-0 B1G), and that’s crazy to believe. Remember coming into this season? Fan optimism was low, Kirk Ferentz was on the hot seat and a lot of people believe the Hawks were in for another mediocre season. No more. Instead of 7-5 no name crap bowl (or a stupid named bowl that ends with “.com”), the Hawks are looking at a major bowl game for the 1st time since 2010 with a shot at the College Football playoff.

Iowa Moved to 10-0 behind the rushing attack of LeShun Daniels. The Junior rushed for a career high 195 yards with a career best 26 carries.

“It’s all on the offensive line,’’ Daniels said. “Those guys do an excellent job each week, creating the holes along with the fullbacks. They’re making it easier for us to run.’’

It wasn’t just Daniels though, as the other Hawkeye running backs rushed for 77 yards, leading to 272 team rushing yards. This teams effort brought back the Floyd of Rosedale to it’s rightful home.

The Hawks looked great in their blackout uniforms. They played great against a solid team, and they came away with a much needed win. Go Hawks.


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