At the age of seventeen, standing five foot and eight inches tall, is the most loveable teddy bear around. Tyler Stovie (‘17). A junior here at Prairie High School who has made his mark over the years by being a key role in Hawks Nest and in any student section of any sport.

Stovie enjoys spending time at school because he’s able to see all of his friends throughout the halls. He enjoys his classes and is an active participant in class but Hawks Nest is his all time favorite class here at Prairie. That’s because him and his best friend, Jonathan Lovan (‘16) do all filming and editing as a partnership and they have fun with it.

“Whenever I’m cold, I can always rely on going to Stovie for a big warm hug,” said Lovan. “He truly is a great friend, my brother to the end. [fire emoji]”

He enjoys going to parties with his friends because “it’s lit” and plays many different party games with them; but no pool parties, he can’t swim. He views these parties as a great time just have fun and relax with his guy friends while hitting on as many ladies as he can, even though he gets swerved by girls of all ages.

Outside of school, Stovie spends time with his family doing anything from watching sports, tailgating, to just simply hanging out. His Dad and himself have season tickets to every home Iowa football game which he attends every one of them and also made frequent trips to Chicago in order to watch the Cubs play.

IMG_1443Having two sisters, one being a step-sister, and a half-brother, he’s always seeing them throughout the house coming and going. He does his best to see his Mom too but tends to spend most of his time with his Dad in Fairfax.

He also enjoys having a nice “cash flow” so he has a job at Subway which he spends A LOT of time at. He works most nights and even if he’s not working, he still comes in to visit his co workers and talks with them while they’re working.

“He’s actually really nice underneath his [crappy] attitude,” said co worker Sondra Flockhart (‘17). (Joking matter, she does truly like him as a friend.)

It’s truly hard to not know who he is but in case if you don’t, he’s a great person/teddy bear at heart.


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