Prairie went into Iowa City West Wednesday knowing their season was on the line, but so did the Trojans. The wind howled and the temperatures dropped throughout the night, while the Hawks fought for their season.

From almost the beginning, the Trojans were in the driver’s seat, and the Hawks struggled to stay in the game. As the final seconds ticked, Trojans were up 35-20, and in victory formation.

This loss marked the end of the first year with an almost completely new coaching staff, including head coach Mark Bliss. It also marked the last high school football game for 21 seniors, including star wide receiver Jalen Rima, QB Tyler Nunemaker, and strong safety Hunter Johnson.

The future of the Prairie Hawks is bright however, despite losing some play makers. Both the offensive and defensive line this year were junior dominant, along with the linebackers, and secondary. This gave players key experience at the varsity level, and should lead to a huge improvement in defense next year.

Overall, now that the players are used to the coaching staff, and each other, the Hawks are hoping to make a run next year, and avoid a 3rd straight heartbreaking 1st round loss.


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