Throughout the United States over the past several months, a lot of controversy has been passed around concerning the confederate flag. To sum it up in a single question, is the confederate flag racist/oppressive to the point it should be banned?

Many sides have taken a stand on it and how it should be treated. Some claim that it should be illegal everywhere and to wipe it from our lives as if it never existed. Others believe it should be embraced for it’s history and how it helped build our nation. This battle caused many fights that later led to destruction of monuments and bans on the flag.

In Dallas Texas stood a statue of Robert E. Lee, the main confederate leader from the Civil War, and had stood there since 1936 until it was vandalized and taken down for “racism”. It was a centerpiece of history for nearly 80 years, why get rid of it now?

Now, this controversy truly sparked when Dylann Roof, a 21-year-old in Charleston, shot and killed nine people while claiming he wants to start a race war and had a confederate flag with him. Not many know this, but he had a few mental illness drugs in his system including benzodiazepines and opiates.

The flag isn’t racist because of one looney bird. Yes, the incident was tragic and should never have happened or be repeated. Yes, the flag was with him. No, the flag isn’t racist; the flag didn’t do anything.

So when a few local students had the flag hanging from their trucks last Friday during school, Administration took them down under the claim of it being a distraction to the students. Now, most students didn’t know about the situation until it had been removed and gossiped about. Once it spread was when it became a distraction to students.

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What do you think?

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