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    Today is it! The last REQUIRED day of the school year, guys! I’m sure you all did great and had a wonderful year, at least I hope so. Make sure to remember to turn in your laptops by 4:00 pm… Read More ›

  • Summer’s Here! Vacation time!

    Summer is finally here and it’s time for vacation! Time for swimming, and picnics and walks around the park. Or whatever it is you wish to do really. Remember to be safe and to make sure that you have lots… Read More ›

  • Anime Iowa 2015!

    anime iowa 2012

    Anime Iowa 2015 is fast approaching and the ticket prices are getting higher! So order now while you still can! You can purchase your ticket at the door for $65. Anime Iowa will be held during July 24-26th in Iowa… Read More ›

  • Biker Gangs Battle to the Death

    Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 8.03.50 AM

    Two biker gangs fought out a feud until 9 were dead and nearly 200 of the bikers were arrested in Waco, Texas on Sunday night. How did this mass shootout start after all and what consists of their pasts and… Read More ›

  • Mosbeck Moves On

    Allison Mosbeck takes first place at the Iowa SkillsUSA competition in Ankeny last Friday, May 1st, in the photography division- she bested out of five other competitors. Mosbeck will be going on to Louisville, KY this June. This is the… Read More ›

  • Crazy For The Musical

    The musical Crazy For You by Ken Ludwig has made a perfect combination between western and modern. Comedy shone through with comparisons of celebrities and comebacks. This musical, may be the first ever, was tap-based. There was an old fashioned tap… Read More ›

  • Warped Tour 2015


    Summer’s coming and with summer comes a lot of fun things to do. One of the many things would be Warped Tour 2015! Many bands are expected and on the list for Warped, some of them being; Asking Alexandria; Black… Read More ›

  • Martelle bank robbery last month

    Two brothers, who were armed with shotguns, and a couple, husband and wife, were their getaway drivers, were pleaded not guilty Monday, for robbing a Martelle bank the last month. Andrew Palmer, 24, Shiloh Palmer, 22, Peter Olinger, 41, and… Read More ›


    The recent dispute between DIRECTV an KCRG has finally come to an end which for most DIRECTV users it is a major sigh of relief since they have been waiting forever to finally get. One of the major news and… Read More ›

  • Cochrane Announces Retirement

    Written by: Shyla Vomacka Joan Cochrane, currently teaching business and finance courses at Prairie high school has announced that she is going to be retiring after this school year. Cochrane has taught at a few other schools other than Prairie High… Read More ›


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